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Standing around the water cooler at the Mill Valley Tennis Club one day, Gina Seaborg, founder of Sports-Band-It, showed her friends the phrase she had taped to the handle of her racquet. It read, “Watch The Ball.”  Their reactions were immediate and enthusiastic. “That is a great idea.” “I’m going to do that too.”  “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? “It was an “Aha” moment and Sports-Band-It was born.

We have used the Sports Band-It products for every kind of program- camps, tournaments, teams, and showcases. The thoughtful words and expressions help us connect with every athlete we work with and they help us address mental toughness and mental preparation along with the technical and tactical instruction we try to provide. And the bands help us do this in a fun way- the girls love them and put as many as they can on their lacrosse sticks!

-Theresa Sherry

Girls' Lacrosse business owner , Former college player and coach

“I have been using the Sports Band-It for the last two years for both myself and my players. It helps reinforce technique, strategy and mental toughness for competitive play. I recommend the Sports Band-It for players who are serious about their game and for those who need simple reminders to help achieve optimal play.”

-Jenny Sperry

Tennis Director, Mill Valley Tennis Club

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