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How Sports Band-it Was Born

Standing around the water cooler at the Mill Valley Tennis Club one day, Gina Seaborg, founder of Sports-Band-It, showed her friends the phrase she had taped to the handle of her racquet. It read, “Watch The Ball.”  Their reactions were immediate and enthusiastic. “That is a great idea.” “I’m going to do that too.”  “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? “It was an “Aha” moment and Sports-Band-It was born.

Excitement ensued and ideas swirled. What other phrases could we use? What about other sports?  The neck of the tennis racquet seemed to be the perfect focal point, putting a “mantra” right in front of a player’s eyes right when it is needed most. A quick and simple signal to the mind during those quite, anxious moments on the court.

After a few prototypes, Sports Band-it is here!

Serious athletes understand the need to perform at their best at all times. And while technical and physical abilities play an important role, it is critical that the athlete’s mind be in alignment with the body’s capabilities. Sports Band-it was developed and built upon this proven principle of sports psychology. As one coach commented, “It’s more than a band, it’s a personal check-in, and gentle reminder of actions to be taken.”

I use the cue words for my personal mental focus when playing. More importantly I share them with competitive and recreational students, adults and juniors, and have them find the words that most connect with their needs. Great tool for a quick reminder on the court to help engage more acutely! Thanks Gina!!!!

Malcolm Ridenour

Head Pro Tahoe Donner, Teaching Pro La Quinta Resort

Founder, Gina Seaborg