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At Sports Band-it our mission is to help improve athletes’ performance by making an athlete aware of their needs during competition, allowing them to concentrate at critical times. These moments often occur when a coach is either not present or not able to remind the athlete as they otherwise could during practice, offering them a band for on their sticks, racquet or bat, or a wristband that says things such as: FOCUS, BREATHE, ATTACK, HIT THE BALL, REACH, MOVE YOUR FEET! At these critical times, Sports Band-it can be present when the coach cannot. We offer a wide choice of common reminders in most core areas of each sport, as well as the ability to customize the phrase and design for bands to best suit customers’ needs.

We believe these subtle reminders will act as a constant connection both on and off the playing field or court. It is the small details like this that make the difference and put players ahead of other competitors in their game. As the sporting world becomes more competitive for kids at very young ages, Sports Band-it products can offer another reminder of mechanical or mental changes to be utilized by athletes during practice and continue on through competition.